Ethar Akhtaruzzaman

Ethar Akhtaruzzman is a talented and well-known poet, lyricist, and author from Bangladesh. Despite his young age, he has managed to captivate the hearts of many with his profound words and creative expressions.



Born on October 19th, 1990, in Bangladesh, Ethar Akhtaruzzaman is a rising star in the world of poetry, literature, and music. With a distinct voice and a unique writing style, he has earned the moniker "Speaker of Silence." Ethar's journey as a poet, author, and lyricist has been nothing short of remarkable, captivating the hearts of thousands of readers and followers worldwide.

Debut Poetry Book:

Ethar Akhtaruzzaman burst onto the literary scene with his debut poetry book, "Noishobdher Ghor," published in 2021 by the esteemed publisher 'Aajob Prokash.' The book's profound verses and heartfelt expressions struck a chord with readers, resulting in an overwhelming response. Such was the book's success that it went on to see three editions in the market, cementing Ethar's position as a prominent voice in contemporary poetry.

Continued Success:

Following the triumph of his first book, Ethar Akhtaruzzaman's creativity continued to flourish. Just four months after "Noishobdher Ghor," he released his second poetry book, "Ruitoner Bibi," which received equal acclaim. Ethar's third poetry book, "Boshonto Bibhrom," published in 2023, became an instant hit and earned the title of one of the best-selling poetry books of the year at the prestigious Ekushey Boi Mela.

A Multi-Talented Artist:

Ethar Akhtaruzzaman's artistic brilliance extends beyond the written word. He is a talented lyricist, and his first song "Ferari," released in 2011, immediately won the hearts of music enthusiasts. Subsequent songs like "Bondhu Tui," "Jotota Aaral Theke," "Boddobbesh," and "Aamar Aami" also garnered immense popularity and acclaim. His ability to convey emotions through both poetry and music has endeared him to a diverse audience.

A Digital Sensation:

Ethar Akhtaruzzaman's popularity soared on social media platforms, where his recitations and visual content captivated audiences. His Facebook page has amassed over 100K followers and continues to grow daily. With a unique blend of literary prowess and captivating visuals, Ethar has redefined the concept of poetry in the digital age.

Beyond Boundaries:

Ethar Akhtaruzzaman's innovative spirit led him to be the first Bangladeshi poet to publish a poetry recitation collection, "Backspace," featuring his own written poetry and unique music, on various international streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. This milestone showcases Ethar's commitment to reaching a global audience and spreading the magic of poetry beyond borders.

A Vision for the Future:

With a dream to transform his city into a poetic haven and inspire the world with his evocative verses, Ethar Akhtaruzzaman remains dedicated to his craft. Currently working on his new poetry collection album, he continues to explore new dimensions of artistic expression while staying true to his roots.

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a man in a white shirt and tie dye on a white shirt


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“The best life comes from an investment in knowledge.

– Ethar Akhtaruzzaman

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